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Statement to voters for 2002:

Gail Lightfoot says, "I have a vision of the proper role of government. My vision (and that of other Libertarians) is expressed in the American Declaration of Independence. A partisan campaign is the best place to discuss such ideas. As your Secretary of State, I could put those ideas before the American voters again and again."

"Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to be your Secretary of State providing you with the knowledge to vote without ever seeing, hearing or reading a single campaign advertisement."

"For the first time in the history of California, the Secretary of State would act as an impartial witness to campaigns, candidates and issues. No other political party equals the Libertarian Party in its desire to see open debate on all issues and about all candidates. No other political party wants to see voters making informed choices regardless of the outcome. If Liberty fails because voters really truly want it tossed aside, so be it. Libertarians believe voters are not aware of the choices they are making and once open debate independent of big money and existing power occurs they will choose Liberty. The Secretary of State can make those choices clear by granting space for every candidate to have their say and identifying the source of all campaign funding as part of the voter information pamphlet.

A vote for Lightfoot is a vote for your Liberty!

Gail Lightfoot, California Libertarian for Secretary of State
P.O.Box 598, Pismo Beach, CA. 93448
Toll free Tel: 877-616-1776