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No Career Politicians
by Gail Lightfoot

We need citizens legislators not career politicians running our government.

Voters should be in charge of the government they form. Requiring elected officials to listen to our concerns does not require them to act accordingly. They do not! They vote their own beliefs and values. Elect individuals who pledge to poll their constituents on every issue and cast their votes on the issues according to those polls. More citizens will participate when they see that their responses and votes count for something.

As your Secretary of State, I will give you the information needed to vote your beliefs and values. I want you to know that you can cast your vote from the election material provided to all voters. High dollar election campaigns are due to the need to build name recognition to get your vote. When you elect individuals who share your beliefs and values instead of those whose name you see and hear the most, money will cease to be important. Meanwhile, you should be able to give unlimited amounts of your personal funds to help elect the candidates you support.

None of the Above will empower you to the degree you use that option to reject all the candidates and hold a new election with new candidates.

I will ask for legislation permitting improved voter pamphlets and candidate instructions, forbidding late additions to the ballot, granting permanent absentee voting status to any voter, allowing anyone to return absentee ballots to the elections office, allowing you to contribute freely to candidates with full disclosure requirements, adding None of the Above as a voter option and mandating a paper trail for all voting mechanisms including electronic voting.